• How can I translate program to my native language ?

   To add a new language support for Karnaugh Minimizer you should translate default "English" localization files into your native language, to do so you can take "english.xml" language file from "Lng" folder under Karnaugh Minimizer main folder and "report.xsl" from program root folder.

   First of all you can copy language file English.xml as <Your Language>.xml
then open <Your Language>.xml in NotePad and translate "value" parts of each tag on to <Your Language>, then save this file to "Lng" folder of the program.

   To translate report template("report.xsl"), copy and rename it as "report_<Your Language>.xsl" translate and place it to the program folder.

   Next thing you should perform is to register newly added language within Karnaugh Minimizer configuration file "kmin.xml", open it in notepad, add
<Language name="Your Language" report="Your Language_report.xsl"/> tag, save changes and that is all!

  If you want to get a Free copy as thank you for your help in program translation you should send us your language files to support@shuriksoft.com.

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